Friday, December 11, 2009

She got her ears pierced

Gerben and I firmly believe in waiting until our girls can decide for themselves before having their ears pierced. On November 13th, we finally gave in and took Emma to get her's pierced. She had been asking on and off for a few months prior to that and has been drooling over all the earrings at Claire's when she goes in their. I knew she wanted them done but I also knew that she is a bit of a chicken and was quite nervous about it hurting a lot. Who can blame her? It does hurt and we told her that.

How did I know she was completely serious about getting them done? Well, she did her research, as well as any six year old can. November 13th was a Friday and she came home from school with determination in her eyes. She had been talking to her friends at school and they were telling her all about what it was like. Emma's friend Hayley had only had hers done a few months before so she remembered it clearly. Her parents had bought some cream for her ears to numb them and so she didn't feel it at all. Emma immediately asked me to call Hayley's mom to find out what the cream was. If we could find that cream than she was ready to get this done. She practically stood beside me begging to call Hayley's mom. I did call her, but she wasn't home. I still managed to find out that this stuff is call Emla cream. I knew of the cream from my nursing days but at the time it was only prescription. Now you just have to ask at the pharmacy. It's behind the counter but they have it. So, I got it. I coated her ears in it and we heading to Cambridge. Amy recommended getting it done at Peoples Jewellers. So that is where we went. There was a ton of nervousness but in the end she was a trooper and she did it! No crying because she never felt it. She chose a beautiful pair of earrings that are pink flowers and she is now counting down the days until she can put new pretty earrings in her ears.

It was so cute, because as we were heading out of the mall and on to Amy's house for a visit I handed the phone to Emma so she could call Gramma and tell her all about them. Unfortunetly, Gramma wasn't home but she did get to speak to Grampa. I think he teased her about them more than anything but she was so proud to tell him all about them. I remember when I got mine done he kept telling me I would only come home with one ear pierced. I think he was carrying on the same joke with her.

Of course, my favourite part of the entire event was getting a chance to get some photos of the girls because Emma wanted to show off her earrings to Oma and Opa and Gramma and Grampa.
And these days, whatever Emma does, Natalia wants to do. So who knows, it may not be long before Natalia get's hers done as well but so far she only asks on rare occasions so until it becomes an obsession we will wait.

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